Prepare. Birth. Parent.

Preparation, support and education classes, and private coaching to support your journey into parenthood and beyond.

Our Mission

The 730 Project provides parents with full-spectrum support, education, resources and community throughout pregnancy, birth, postpartum, first-year parenting and beyond.

Why 730?

It’s simple math 365 + 365= 730.

730 days, or 2 years, is the amount of time it takes to prepare, give birth, and take firm, confident roots as a parent.

We believe that full spectrum parenthood preparation and support should focus on the year leading up to the birth and the year of adjustment immediately after the birth.

Why We Do What We Do

We live in a culture where there is often a disproportionate focus on the birth itself, while everything around it is treated as an afterthought, or not explored at all. This leaves families particularly poorly prepared for the immediate postpartum period. Additionally, gaps in community connection leave families isolated and struggling to cope during this time in a world where we are often far away from our primary support people and families. As a culture, we can do better for families going through this phase of life.

The 730 Project aims to solve this problem by integrating childbirth, baby-readiness education, and community that continues seamlessly throughout preparing for and beyond the birth of your baby.

At 730, we know that giving birth isn’t simply bringing a child into the world. It is the cultivation of a family, and it’s a journey that begins and extends well beyond birth. These 730 days are a sensitive time that will inevitably include bumps in the road. We know that families benefit from ongoing specialized support and community during this time.

Through classes, community, and personalized support, you’ll build confidence as you cross the threshold into the amazing world of parenthood.

You can have an empowered and positive birth experience.
You will feed your baby with love.
Parenting your baby will be challenging and rewarding.

You are already exactly enough to be everything your baby needs, the rest is just making empowered decisions that align with your goals, needs and values.

That’s where 730 comes in.

What WE Do

Birth Doula

In-person continuous labor support to the birthing person and their partner during the birth of their baby.


Postpartum Doula

In-home whole-family support during the immediate postpartum period.


Lactation Support

We’re here to support you and your baby one-on-one as you both begin your breastfeeding journey.


Private Coaching

Customized one on one support, in person or online throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Classes In Los Angeles

The 730 Project: Prepare. Birth. Parent.

Why 730 Project?


We cultivate realistic expectations with you for birth and parenting. We help you make evidence-supported choices for you and your family, and support you when surprises arise.


Our support begins with asking you one question: What do you need to feel confident? As a parent, your confidence is everything! We nurture that in you.


At 730, we are big on community, which enriches your experience as a new parent, and sets you up for success. You’ll soon realize that you are not alone, and you’ll make friends for life along the way.

Prepare. Birth. Parent.

What Clients Say

Once my daughter was born, Corinne was available to help me address issues concerning everything from breastfeeding to newborn care to pelvic floor dysfunction. Part of what I liked about working with Corinne is her deep interest in all things relating to pregnancy, birth, child development and the postpartum period… she has a natural passion for it.

Kim Shamoon
Private Coaching Client